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How To Protect & Increase Your Credit Score

David Bakke writes about finance topics on Money Crashers, a blog focused on educating readers about important topics like budgeting, living frugally, saving for retirement, investing, and getting the most out of life. Having a solid and healthy credit score is the first layer of a solid financial foundation. Your credit score affects many aspects … Continue reading

Non-Profit Groups in Missouri trying to cap interest rates for Car Title Loans

A battle looms over how much lenders can charge for payday loans in Missouri — and it promises to be an expensive one. A coalition of religious groups and civic organizations have begun collecting signatures to get a measure on the state’s 2012 ballot that would limit the cost of short-term loans. Voters would then … Continue reading

Consumers Look to Pawn Shops for Quick Cash

Consumers are looking for money. Pawn shops are a local answer, but if you want low rates starting from 4.9%, check out We offer a secured revolving line of credit.

Automobile Title Loans and How to use them Responsibly

Here is an article that we wrote about Automobile Title Loans and what to think about when you are researching companies.

Bankruptcy Down in Western New York

The economy hits every area of the country differently but in Western New York, its looking like the population is getting their house in order and now we are seeing a reduction in Bankruptcies. Always a good sign for the economy.

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