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Why Banks Have Failed America

Fidelity One, a private company located in Provo, Utah has launched a new product to meet the needs of the cash strapped consumer. They are the first company in the country to launch an Auto Secured Credit Card and Revolving Line of Credit. Advertisements

Identity Theft by Family Members

When trying to rebuild your credit the first thing to find out is whether you are the only one who has affected your credit. This article shows that your credit can be affected by those closest to you.

Steve Wampler Nominated by Sports Illustrated

A bit off the subject, but I had to share. My Friend Steve Wampler was nominated by Sports Illustrated for climbing El Capitan this past year. He was also nominated for an ESPY by Sports Center. Why, he has Cerebral Palsy. Watch the video and vote. It is amazing and inspiring.

New Community on

I just launched a new community on which is the new social network launched by Bill Gross(founder of Come check it out. The difference between facebook and is that they pay you to post by sharing the revenue they receive on the pages where your content is displayed. Come take a look.

Car Title Loans on Tumblr

Just as I did on posterous and wordpress, I would be interested which platform you all like better. Which should we use moving forward.

Car Title Loans